Element 2 – for an imaginary action 

Installation, 2013

Elements are what precede the states of affairs of objects. Elements make up the substance of the world, what is the case.

To create something one must have elements, materials, that inherently are what they are. By a mechanical and/or creative intervention the elements can enter into both simple and complex structures.

Everything consists of elements. The elements have different qualities and our capability to know and use these possibilities built into the elements allows us to create our lives, our world.

Elements should in this context be understood as a metaphor for the elements and materials we choose to make a concrete product and/or configuration.

Elements as a metaphor can be both physical material elements and spiritual immaterial elements.

Element 2 – for an imaginary action signifies those elements of a physical and spiritual nature one chooses during the time of the action in order to create structures and states of affairs between the chosen materials which are created through the energy of the action’s course.

The structures and the states of affairs created during the time of the action have thus set free a number of qualities that are built into the elements, by demonstrating these qualities in the actions’ course through an artistic process.

Man has through generations built layer upon layer upon layer around the elements and we claim that all of these layers together constitute the truth about the elements.

The action is a method to reach the elements behind all these layers, “das Ding an sich”, so that the elements can be non-verbally expressed through the intuitive method of the artistic process.

The syntax of the materials arise in the action’s imaginary space. 

The action runs from zero to zero.


Mixed media