Preparation for the installation of the sculpture, June 2020

Ars - Scientia - Iustitia

Sculpture, 2014–2021

AIAS / The university / The Universal

The idea of a universe, the all-imbraling, and the university as the place where you study the truth about the universal; The Universe as a state of Chaos.

H.C. Ørsted. Art / Science / Law.

The three figures are to be connected through the com- mon, secular and spiritual staircase.
The sculpture is built like the inside of The Tower of Babel with reference to both Tatlin and Merzbau.

“Der Ursprung Der Zukunft”, The global encyclopedia, the dynamics of Europe?, tradition and modernity. Allegories of Modernism.

The elements for the sculptures have carefully been bast from classical and other fragments, model studies, anatomy, Lágregation Trouve, assamblage nouveau, from images, structures, free allegories, conglomerate of genres, categories, concepts, hybrids that form a new whole: samplage. A process where everything is free.



Bronze, tin bronze, gold bronze, stone, planks, wood and glass.

Financed by

Ny Carlsbergfondet


© Lars Kruse

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