Everybody can be God who are you ?, 2015
Once upon a time, 2015
There are places I remember, 2015
Fernweh, 2015
Je ne regrette rien, 2015
Der einsamme wanderer, 2015
As time goes by, 2015
Der globale einsiedler, 2015
A recherche a le time perduev, 2015

Everybody can be God, who are you?

Graphic, 2015

On the Faroe Islands there is a lithographic printing house, Steinprint, which had invited me to make a print for the project “?” in 2014, and at the same time we made 9 small stones that weren’t finished. In February 2015 I was asked by “Listefolkasamband i Føroya”, equivalent to our “Danish Artist Council”, to give a speech at a seminar attended by artists and politicians in Tórshavn. On that occasion the stones were drawn, painted, whitewashed and finished, and the printing was planned and launched. It became the series “Everybody can be God, who are you?”, and my 19 copies will be bound with text into a book.


Lithograph print


38 x 51 cm