Guardeuropa or the Endless Catwalk

Happening, 16 Jun 2018

Ladies and gentlemen and everything in between.

The art historian Broby-Johansen writes that the we can understand the world through the length of the skirt.

In times of crisis they get longer and longer, and in peaceful times they become shorter and shorter. Though, it can be discussed if it can be taken that literally. Fashion is a form of expression that reflects our hope, dreams, ideals, social status etc. The Catwalk is where the future is presented. Here at Bornholm the politicians, unions, associations, organizations, companies, etc. walk down the catwalk at the harbour. 

Modernism was a cultural movement which spread across Europe in the 19th and 20th centuries. It was viewed as a movement towards change. People began looking at new possibilities for more innovative ideas and activities. 

The democratization over the last decades has overlooked everything, including art that has lost its position in society. Now it’s time to break through and look for new possibilities again. 

It starts today at this historical moment, in this specific time and space. It starts with Guardeuropa or the Endless Catwalk by Nanna Abell, Anne Mette Schultz and Bjørn Nørgaard.


The People’s Political Festival (Folkemødet), Allinge, Bornholm, Denmark

In collaboration with

Nanna Abell, Anne Mette Schultz and Rønshoved Højskole