Constitution Day Speech 

The speech was written by Bjørn Nørgaard and held by FOS in front of Christiansborg Palace, Copenhagen, 5 Jun 2015

Honorable comrades, sisters, brothers, good people, humble folk, port-holes and wall-eyes, jumping jacks, tumblers and sharp- tongues, flat-fooded and dizzy people, yellows, blues, blacks, pur- ples, browns, turquoises, colourless and redheads.

In these for our country and constitution so dark times when the world is so full of challenges and possible impossibilities I here pre- sent a speech in tongues towards far horizons.

Tic-toc-jiwer-juwer-jawer-head down in the drawer.

Quote: As long as you keep on walking it will be all right.

When will we get the national, the European and the global space to act together in a constructive dialogue?

When will we get totalitarian modernity to integrate our traditions as a valuable resource? The present is the origin of the future. It is the fleeting time where

values having been handed down to us from the past can be kept by us and then passed on to new people, allowing them in turn to either reject them or carry them on to give new life to their own visions. Remember that the sun is still rising when we are gone.

Quote: Idleness is the root of all art.

B. Democracy presupposes well-informed citizen. A well-in- formed citizen presupposes serious media and an open transparent political culture.

The precondition for a well-informed citizen is a cultured citizen. The precondition for culture is strong political ambitions for a visionary art and cultural politics.

Society is a sculpture, a poem, a piece of music which we can all participate in modelling, writing and composing. The aesthetic imaginings and models of society are inclusive, open, here all possibilites can be thought, arise or perish. Art is dreams transformed to matter, images, words and sound.

The society that sets the individual’s creative potential free is the society that seizes the possibilites of the future.

Quote: The important thing is not to be one thing or the other, but to be yourself, and this every human being can achieve, if he wants to.

C. New Corporate Governance – SCREW Corporate Govern- ance. The politics of necessity abolish democracy. The necessary is not up for discussion, it is just the way things are, it is the tyranny of necessity. Growth at all costs, growth, growth CBI, TUC, the government, the Danish parliament. Growth, growth, growth, but what kind of growth is not up for discussion. The growth that the neoliberals refer to means producing a lot of junk that the world would be better without having, junk that no one needs, to be sold at a high price, consumed and then thrown away.

We are forced to fill up our fields with still more heavy metals, traces of medicine, pesticides, phosphor, resistant bacteria and ammonia, destroying the earth in future, in order to produce inedible meat in large amounts which makes us sick and consume crops enough to cover half of Africa.

The free market is good in some respects but not for the world, for Heaven’s sake.

Growth should not be cancerous growth on the earth. We need to discuss democratically what kind of growth we want. Growth needs to be improving, enriching and to be understood as a whole and from now on.

Quote: Earth, cover not my blood! My scream must not laid to rest.

D. The competition state, the joyless society. Neoliberalism’s answer to the phalanstères of blessed Fourier. Now everyone needs to adapt to the global financial market and its requirements for trained, goal-oriented, work capable individuals programmed to produce and consume. History, beauty, love, care, insight, experience, desire is canceled by the program.

In this regard neoliberalism’s consumer society with its soul-dead materialism disappointingly resembles the dull quantity society of the Soviets. No matter whether equality or inequality is the goal, power and money is accumulated among the few.

Quote: Of all ridiculous things it seems to me that the most ridiculous is to be in a hurry.

E. Before we turn into a nation of ridiculous eager beavers, be- fore our collective amnesia leaves our cultural heritage in dark- ness, before the misanthropic virus spreads where we only see our brothers and sisters in need of support and help for a short or a long time as an expense or an encumbrance, and where the unholy alliance between the national socialists and a neoliberal growth ideology maintain selective empathy as a common value – we need instead to insist on universal empathy, this despite the almost impossibly utopian conditions in a global chaotic reality. This is the hope that can bring humans into a new future of Babel.

Quote: If you don’t go to extremes don’t go at all.

Remember that the majority is always wrong. That is why democracy should be generous and able to contain the special.

Already so many words. I ask the audience to stand stock-still, to close your eyes and keep your mouth shut for 1 minute. Then we have spared the world for that kind of nonsense.