The Relationship of Objects (4th edition)

Object, 2015

The principle for Sculptural Demonstration arose in the beginning of 1966, partly under impression of “the spirit of the time” at the Experimental Art School and in art in general, partly after reading Wittgenstein’s “Tractatus.” They are simple principles that are supposed to demonstrate the inherent qualities of materials before we ascribe them various values, and these are supposed to be demonstrated through some simple exercises that anyone can execute.

The Relationship of Objects, which forms part of a series of Sculptural demonstrations, was carried out for the first time at the Düsseldorf Academy of Art in 1967, at an exhibition at the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art the same year, in 2014 for my exhibition at the CAFA museum and in 2015 at the workshop in Berlin, where two works were part of the Réne Block exhibition Ich kenne kein Weekend.


Plaster, cardboard, can, steel wire, fabric, paper, 30 parts