From the opening on May 18, 2017. Photo © Line Holdgaard Ottosen

Piece by Piece 

Art in the shared space, 2017

I perceive piece by piece 

In connection with the construction of the stainless steel interior space for the chapel ‘Tear this Temple down’ at Ikast Church, it was necessary to produce matrices from parts of the motifs in cast iron.

They look like individual relief pieces, casted from my original model, and are approx. 150 larger or smaller works of art. Together they appear as fragments of a whole at the chapel of Ikast Church.

To bring them together to create a wall would therefore both be to tell this story, and at the same time to present them as an independent work where figures, portraits and other elements are being perceived as independent artistic expressions. The relief wall makes a frieze, ie. a serie of images that tell a story.

It is a story of how we experience life on a daily basis – piece by piece. We go shopping, we go to school, we bike, we come home, etc. But sometimes it is important that we sit down and see our lives in a greater perspective. As Paulus says in 1 Corinthians 13:9-13 “For we know in part, and we prophesy in part”.

As an image we experience the relief wall in pieces, while we in the chapel recognize the whole. The wall is divided into 6 parts in two colors to create a visual rhythm – “chapters” in the frieze. The relief wall is situated between north and south in the longitudinal direction and faces the east with the morning sun when the students arrive. In the afternoon the students can enjoy the afternoon sun on the bench facing west.

It would be nice if the reliefs become part of the art in Ikast. They actually belong here.


Painted concrete


200 x 1500 x 60 cm


Ikast-Brande Gymnasium, Denmark

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