Glud Museum

A new museum building for the Glud Museum, Denmark

The house is square in its ground shape. With a “barn motif” as starting point, the roof pitch is done as a traditional thatched roof with “ventilation” in copper and glass on top, and this is the formal, monumental expression of the house.

The proportions of the house are in part determined by its functions and in part by its aesthetic form and expression, a manifest has been conceived which unites the modern with tradition and as such annuls the contradiction in our understanding of history that we’ve been raised with in our rational society.

Choice of materials; tiles, half-timbering, thatched roof, glass, steel, copper, concrete. Digital techniques should therefore be discussed in relation to whether we in a cooperation between traditional technologies and new technologies might have possible solutions to some of the challenges we face resource- and climate-wise.

It is a house that could become exemplary. History contains a wealth of experiences, the visions of earlier times, which we modern rationalists must learn to use.

The overall vision is that the content of the house unfolds in the architecture of the house; the past contains resources that the present can use and developed in the future.

The project is made in collaboration with Boldsen & Holm Architects.