Still © Ole John
Object from the happening
The happening announced on the front page of Hætsjj

The Expulsion from the Temple/Female Christ

Happening, 29 May 1969

Extracts from the National Gallery of Denmark's website: “Performing in the work The Female Christ, Lene Adler Petersen walks – entirely unannounced – through the building’s vast hall while carrying a cross. The artists introduce a new, vibrant image depicting one of our grand narratives and carry out a startling intervention within the pulsating business world. The resulting clash has become an iconic modern-day image. The footage created for this work should also be viewed within the context of the film community ABCinema, which worked with e.g. collectively produced film and collective film screenings where several films were screened simultaneously.”


Copenhagen Stock Exchange

In collaboration with

Lene Adler Petersen