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Bispebjerg Bakke
"That, which one
cannot model,
should not be built"

July 1, 2004

In the near future the Bispebjerg district in Copenhagen will become richer by a new apartment building. On a site across from the Bispebjerg Hospital the foundation "Alderstrøst" (comfort of the aged) instituted by the association of craftsmen together with the Foundation RealDania, will build 135 apartments for rent designed by professsor and sculptor Bjørn Nørgaard in collaboration with Boldsen & Holm Architects MAA and Carl Bro A/S.

The project will be built in solid, well tested materials along high quality, craftsmanlike orders, as it is a central objective of the building to prove that good craftsmanship is competitive to present day industrialised style of building.

By integrating art, architecture, techniques and craftmanship it is the intention to create and inhteresting building, which, through the best of the different trades, distinguish oneself both aesthetically
and functionally.